Educational Resources

Pathways to Work

Here we can provide links to organisations who can help young people find a career in the countryside.

My World of Work – A collection of activities, articles and fact sheets that can be used in the classroom to encourage both primary and secondary pupils to pursue the right path for a career in the outdoor world. (The Skills Development Scotland Co. Ltd.)

Developing the Young Workforce – Resources and links from across Education Scotland that will support skills development. (Education Scotland)

Resources for Educators

Curriculum of Excellence – Outcomes and Experiences

Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning

CLPL – Career Long Professional Learning activities for Educators



Our CLS Newsletters are a termly electronic newsletter sent to every school in Scotland which is produced three times per year. They contain all the latest news and opportunities for schools to get involved and how to organise Industries to School days and Countryside Days. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy. The latest edition is available for download here:


The Keeper DVD

Keeper DVDThe DVD is about the work of a gamekeeper; it is of particular use prior to a visit to a countryside estate or as follow-up material after a trip to heather moorland. Please contact us today to receive your FREE copy.


The Keeper DVD Activity Guide

This guide is an educational resource for use in conjunction with The Keeper dvd. The activities focus on learners and build upon their knowledge and understanding of moorland; they have been linked to many of the level two experiences and outcomes outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence – in particular the areas of Literacy, Social Studies, Expressive Arts and Health and Well-being. In addition to being suitable for teachers, the guide is also suitable for leaders with groups participating in the Duke of Edinburgh and John Muir Trust awards, rangers and other outdoor educators. Download the Keeper activity guide here

Countryside Investigating

Take your primary school class on a virtual journey through the countryside on a visit to farms, villages, woodlands and estates where they will meet all the interesting people who work there by visiting Download the classroom activities that relate to the different jobs here:

Beekeeper Activity 1           Beekeeper Activity 2teachersAreaImg3

Estate Manager Activity 1   Estate Manager Activity 2

Falconry Activity 1               Falconry Activity 2

Farmer Activity 1                 Farmer Activity 2

Forester Activity 1               Forester Activity 2

Gamekeeper Activity 1       Gamekeeper Activity 2

River Keeper Activity 1       Riverkeeper Activity 2

Shopkeeper Activity 1        Shopkeeper Activity 2

Vet Activity 1                      Vet Activity 2

Countryside Recreation Fact Files  (please note that we continue to add to these)

Rock Climbing                    Geocaching

Deer Stalking                      Mountain Biking

Fishing                                Fox Hunting



This Health Week powerpoint presentation is designed for Primary School pupils aged P4-6; Health Week PP.

The additional classroom resources that support the powerpoint are available here: Lesson Plan Countryside Jobs Countryside Rules Wordsearch.

This Health Week powerpoint presentation is designed for High School pupils aged 11-18; Health Week PPH.

Risk Assessment

Full risk assessment forms are completed prior to each event taking place. Templates of these forms are available here:

CLS Risk Assessment Template